Landscape architect and creator of Japanese Zen garden

The Japanese Zen garden is a haven of peace, well-being, calm and zenitude. We are the only specialist of zen garden , specialized into Kyoto temple gardens in Western countries and for the shinden zukuri style (Heian period) in the world ( World-renowned landscape architect and Japanese garden historian : Osamu Mori is our Master ). As a traditional Japanese zen garden designer, we accompany you in all your Zen landscaping projects! Do you want to create an authentic Zen outdoor space like in Japan? A house, a villa, a castle, a museum, a park to embellish? As a designer and landscape architect, we help you to get a touch of Japan in your home, whether for a residential, commercial, private or public project!

We intervene everywhere in France & in the world.

Whether it is for a small space, office, balcony, house, aquarium...A Japanese garden with pond, pool, bridge, waterfall, pebbles, erable or with fountain. The Japanese garden in Japan is beautiful especially in spring. Whatever the season, the colors will change and form a therapeutic and wonderful garden. Often, you ask yourself the question: which plant for my Japanese garden? Which gravel? Which tree? Which sand? Which shrub ? What to put in a Japanese garden ? Don't look any further, contact us !

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An Authentic Garden

Create a traditional and authentic Japanese garden : from the design of the garden plan to the installation at your home. All materials come from Japan!

Zen specialist

We can help you to decorate your interior or exterior space in a way that zen gardens with the highest possible quality of supply and natural materials. Need a touch of Japan in your home? As a specialist of Zen, we accompany you in all your projects of creation or renovation.

A therapeutic garden

Japanese lantern, rocks from Japan, zen gravel from shirakawa, jizo statue, natural stone tsukubai, torii, garden pagoda or bamboo fence made in kyoto. We have this quality Zen decoration and Japanese maple trees that can make either a garden like in Kyoto or bring a touch of serenity in any parks and gardens.

create a Japanese garden
Our approach

To create a Japanese Zen garden

A Zen project?

After having taken knowledge of the specificities of your project, we move on the place of the garden project. Depending on the distance and the country of your project, we also work on photo & video to avoid wasting time...Just send us an email with your ground plan and some pictures, we will be able to make an estimate.

Concept & Plans

Depending on the project and the type of Japanese Zen garden chosen, we create the garden plan (planting plan with legends). We also provide a nomenclature of the plants to be very precise! Each garden plan is hand made ! With our expertise in creating Japanese koen gardens and parks, make your dream come true!

Preparation of supplies

All our materials are carefully chosen. For Japanese gardens, everything comes from Japan! You can be sure of quality and authenticity (aoshi rocks, shikoku rocks, shirakawa river gravel, Japanese bamboo fence made by our best craftsmen in Kyoto...)! We deliver quickly.

Creation of your Zen garden

We install each element according to the rules of the Japanese garden art. Our know-how covers more than 2000 years of history! We apply our knowledge of shinden zukuri and shingon to create a custom-made Zen garden. Leave it to us, we take care of every detail.

Our offer

Choose your garden Japanese zen

Chaniwa Tea Garden

Chaniwa Tea Garden

Tsukubai, Japanese stepping stones, Japanese maple, topiaries, alley and pathway in a haven of peace, it tempts you?

My chaniwa
Karesansui Zen Garden

Karesansui Zen Garden

A zen garden with gravel, moss, rock, tree & shrubs. Whether you like zazen or not, it requires no maintenance.

My Zen garden
Japanese stroll garden

Japanese stroll garden

A colorful promenade with a bridge, a pond, a lake, a river, a bank, paths and trees. Do you have the space to create this type of garden?

My Japanese Park
Japanese garden of contemplation

Japanese garden of contemplation

A garden picture from your kitchen or living room with trees, Japanese shrubs, plants, Japanese maple, pine. It is beautiful.

My Zazen Garden
Shinden zukuri teien

Shinden zukuri teien

We bring our unique historical expertise to this garden with red bridge, trees, pond, stream, gates and paths.

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A small decorative Japanese garden for a house entrance, a courtyard, a hall, between two buildings: lantern, Japanese step, plants...

My little Zen garden

Need help with your zen landscaping projects? Contact us now.

Customer Reviews

What they think

Anna Cooperfield


Very good quality of work, the result is satisfactory. Modern and contemporary as I like, according to my requirements! Thanks to Stéphane for the very nice plan, thank you!

Karl ganet


Excellent design office to create his garden easily, fast and friendly contact! Exterior decoration chosen with great care. A zen garden as I like it!

The plan is well done, it is beautiful! I recommend to people who want a garden like in Japan (well almost! We believe in it anyway) 5 stars!

Pottery Plants


Thank you for your work! The planting plan and the 3d modeling of the Japanese garden are impeccable.

The Japanese lantern, the dry garden, especially the dry river are a real success, thanks for the advice! A very serious landscape architect.

Bertrand Bastille


Very good experience, a very beautiful traditional Japanese garden. I recommend Solar Garden for its quality of work and its knowledge of Japanese gardens. 5 stars for this Zen specialist!

Xavier Ornos


Excellent landscaper, nothing to say! I contacted Stéphane from the solar garden because of his ability to create something really innovative. The plan is great and the 3d top, what more could I ask for. Go for it! Thanks again for this wonderful paradise at home... :)

Renaud Parabel


Stéphane from Solar Garden is a talented landscape architect! In short! The Shoin-zukuri Japanese contemplation garden is beautiful! He even chose my Japanese panels for my window! Thanks again for everything. I recommend him to anyone who simply wants a beautiful garden! Thank you

Your Japanese Zen Garden Landscaper

Who are we?

My name is Stéphane and I have been one of the few creators and specialists of Japanese Zen gardens in France and in the world for 3 years now, especially for the shinden zukuri style, dating from the Heian period in Japan. I would be very happy to help you realize all your Zen outdoor design projects, to concretize your Zen decoration ideas or simply to create the plan of your garden, park or any other space in need of a Japanese and authentic touch. In constant search of innovation, I am able to bring all your ideas to realizations marked by futurism, poetry, accuracy and well-being.

Is it possible to have a zen garden inside and outside?

A zen interior design to redo a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room? Yes, it is possible. By using our knowledge in the field, we can give life to your ideas for change. Private individuals, residential, commercial or for a company office, we help you to concretize your projects of interior renovation of house, villa, hotel, castle, or of outside arrangement. ( see all available gardens )

Is the plan done by hand?

Each plan is handmade by the master Stephane Bernard of the solar garden. Each detail of the garden is made with passion and sincerity.

I want a traditional Japanese garden, what style do you propose?

You wish to entrust your outdoor Zen space to a Japanese garden landscaper in order to create a tea garden, a walking garden, a contemplation garden, a shinden zukuri or a small Zen garden like tsuboniwa? Our knowledge in traditional Japanese garden allows us to propose you all these styles so that your dreams come true.

I want a contemporary and modern Japanese garden, is that possible too?

Modernity brings some specific freedoms that you need to know, that's why in every job we can infuse modernism and garden innovation. Always aware of the latest trends and fashions, your future garden will allow you to breathe and be 100% free!

Is it possible to create a Japanese park?

We create a Japanese garden plan adapted to the morphology of your land, whatever its size. Do you want a quiet and authentic place like a Japanese Zen garden in Kyoto? From the creation of the garden plan, planting plan, to the 3D modeling, budgeting and installation at your place, everywhere in France and in the world. Ready to bring well-being in your life and realize all your dreams? We are here to help you from garden design to Zen landscaping. Need a Japanese park? That's possible too!

Do all your supplies come from Japan?

We budget all the plants, Japanese plants, Japanese lantern, koi pond, Japanese stepping stones, Japanese maple, Japanese bonsai, Japanese gravel, Japanese cherry, tsukubai, and other Zen garden supplies such as red bridge, moss, niwaki cloud tree or Japanese bamboo fence. We then take care of the purchase of the supplies, all imported from Japan. We use only the most natural and noble materials.

I want to illuminate my Zen garden at night, how does it work?

No matter where you are located, we will come to your home to install the Japanese garden. As a garden designer and park and garden designer, all types of Zen gardens are possible. We can also carefully choose the type of outdoor lighting to best suit your night lighting needs and add a touch of Japanese poetry.

Do you offer a Japanese size service?

We take care of the maintenance and the Japanese pruning of trees (pine niwaki, juniperus niwaki, Japanese maple...) and shrubs (Japanese azalea satsuki, rhododendron...) of your Japanese Zen garden. You are free to choose this type of maintenance which will be carried out by your designer gardener.

Can you come to me even if I am outside of France?

We can move a little everywhere in France, in particular to create a Japanese garden in lyon, Paris and Paris area, monaco, marseille, lille, grenoble, chambery, mulhouse, strasbourg, normandie, var, bretagne, le havre, aix en provence, bordeaux, boulogne, alsace, angers, tours, rouen, brest, quimper, nantes, cholet, chantilly, nancy, clermont-ferrand, haute savoie, dijon, toulouse, montpellier, and in Europe ( switzerland, geneva, belgium, brussels, germany, spain, italy ) and all over the world ( new-york, london, quebec, montreal, tokyo, new-delhi, buenos aires ) to make you benefit from our unique services of zen garden design

I have a business, I want to add a Japanese garden, how does it work ?

Whether you are in an apartment, a house, a castle or a villa, we can make a traditional or contemporary Japanese garden, inside or outside: a 100% customized Japanese landscaping service. Moreover, as an ikebana designer, we can add a touch of elegance around your spaces or to enhance your interior decoration!

Can you handle the big projects?

Innovation is at the heart of our prerogatives as landscape architects so that each plant project can be part of a sustainable and unique perspective. Our landscape design office can handle the most innovative and ambitious projects in order to bring a sustainable and climate preservation expertise. As an online garden designer, we can make a garden design adapted to your land and your aspirations.

I would like to create a heritage garden, is it feasible?

We create heritage and historic gardens, a unique offer in the world of landscape architecture. All our plans are handmade!

What does a Solar Garden do for me?

Carbon capture

A solar garden helps to regulate carbon levels and bad emissions of fine particles. Are you suffering from pollution? Our solution will reduce pollution and improve the oxygenation rate of your place of residence.

Ecosystem & biodiversity

The creation of a solar garden allows to favour the plant and animal biodiversity . Indeed, the fauna and flora will progressively settle down to form a balanced ecosystem. With a solar garden, you contribute to the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants!

Health and therapy

Health first! A solar garden is an atypical therapeutic garden that has healing properties and therapeutic virtues. The smell of the flowers, the texture of the plants and the shape of the garden help to heal the stress generated by daily life. A solar garden keeps you healthy for a long time!

More value

Solar garden design allows your property to gain value for resale. Whether it's a small house or a large villa, adding this haven can save you money on your next property purchase. A solar garden adds value to any type of land.

Daily pleasure

By creating a solar garden with our garden architect services, you will be able to take pleasure in your daily life. The garden will encourage your creativity and stimulate your positive imagination. Throughout the year, you will be able to garden and do sports! You will progressively blossom and share good moments with your loved ones, your family or your friends.

Ok, I want a Japanese Zen garden, how do I contact you?

You want to create a traditional Japanese garden or a contemporary garden? Whether it is for your house, villa, apartment balcony garden or to green your company garden in a zen way, contact us quickly at (+33) 07 87 13 04 37 or through the contact form by explaining your project. See you soon!

The landscape architecture is reinvented every day with our Japanese garden landscaping services. Through our large catalog of landscape architecture gardens , we offer you to realize all your garden design dreams. Choose the type of garden you like and we will make it come true.

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